3 Tips for Creating Great Social Media Content That Connects

If you’re struggling to consistently create great content that connects with your audience, here are three tips that will help. In today’s digital age, effective social media content is crucial for engaging your audience and building your brand. By following these strategies, you’ll be able to enhance your content creation process and achieve better results.

1) Have a Clear Laser Focus on WHY and WHO

Simon Sinek’s famous Golden Circle says the way you tell your story should start with your “Why” and then “How” and “What”.

But your why aka your purpose or cause needs to incorporate Who. Who are you serving? Why should they care?

Action: Always create content with your WHO and WHY in mind. Understand your audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points. Tailor your social media content to address these aspects, ensuring it resonates and adds value. This alignment will not only make your content more engaging but also drive meaningful interactions.

2) Batch everything.

Efficiency is key in social media content creation. Batching your tasks can help streamline the process and ensure consistency.

Weekly Game Plan:

  • Day 1: Research – Explore trends, new content styles, and popular topics in your niche. This will help you stay current and produce content that resonates with your audience.
  • Day 2: Scripting – Write scripts for your content, including hooks, body, and conclusions. Also, consider any props or setups needed for your shoots.
  • Day 3: Shoot Your Content – Dedicate a day to filming or photographing all your content for the week.
  • Day 4: Edit Your Content – Focus on editing your videos or images to ensure they are polished and professional.
  • Day 5: Schedule – Use social media management tools to schedule your posts for optimal times throughout the week.

Actionable Tip: Batching not only saves time but also helps maintain a consistent quality and style across your social media platforms. This consistency can boost your brand’s credibility and audience loyalty.

3) Keep a Notebook for Ideas

Creativity often strikes at unexpected moments. Having a system to capture these ideas can ensure you never run out of content topics.

Actionable Tip: Use a notebook or a note-taking app on your phone to jot down ideas whenever they come to you. Whether you’re cycling, working out, or simply out and about, make it a habit to record any flashes of inspiration. This ongoing list can be a valuable resource when planning your content.

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