Growing Social Media and Influencer Marketing with Espy House Bourbon: A Case Study

In a crowded spirits market, where every bottle has a story to tell, Espy House Bourbon was ready to make its grand entrance into the realm of social media. With its rich history, intertwined with the whiskey rebellion and George Washington himself, Espy House had a captivating narrative to share. However, the challenge was clear: starting from scratch in the competitive world of spirits on social media, with a focus on achieving organic growth.

Our Strategy
One of the first crucial decisions we made was selecting the right platforms to launch Espy House Bourbon’s social media presence. Recognizing the brand’s visual appeal and the power of storytelling through imagery, we chose Instagram as our primary platform. To complement and amplify our reach, we also established a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

With this platform in place, the next step was to shape the digital persona. From defining the brand’s tone and voice to devising a strategic hashtag plan, every detail was meticulously considered. We carefully crafted social media profiles, eye-catching banners, and captivating bios that encapsulated the very essence of Espy House.

However, what truly set Espy House Bourbon apart was our commitment to authenticity. All photography and videography were produced in-house, ensuring every image and video was a true reflection of the brand’s identity. This dedication to consistency resonated strongly with their audience. (And yes, Espy House shipped their bourbon from their HQ in Pennsylvania to our studio in Boston for our photoshoots!)

Consistency is the key to making a lasting impression on social media, and we took this to heart. Our strategy involved delivering six unique posts per week across each platform. This ambitious schedule resulted in a remarkable 18 posts per week, ensuring that Espy House Bourbon remained top-of-mind for their audience.

But, we didn’t just stop there with their social media strategy. We brought in the power of Instagram influencers.

Incorporating influencer collaborations into Espy House Bourbon’s organic growth strategy proved to be nothing short of transformative. It was a move that showcased the immense value of target, authentic endorsements. Not only does this drive brand engagement, but also nurtures a thriving online community.

Our journey here began with a clear objective: to amplify brand awareness and reach via bourbon-centric influencers strategically positioned in key markets. The challenge was to identify and collaborate with influencers who not only had a genuine passion for bourbon, but were also located in key areas where the Espy House Bourbon is sold.

We reached out to 10 influencers, extending an invitation for an authentic Espy House Bourbon review.

The Outcome
The results exceeded our expectations. Each influencer, through their posts and reels on Instagram, spoke glowingly of the product. The numbers were a testament to the success of this influencers integration:
-Over 2,000 combined likes from these influencer posts, illustrating their deep engagement with our brand.
-Hundreds of engaged comments from a highly targeted audience, sparking valuable conversations.
-An impressive 30,000+ plays and impressions, highlighting the vast reach of our influencers collaborations.

Check out this standout reel that captured the spirit of Espy House Bourbon:

But the impact extended beyond numbers. This strategic influencer outreach, combined with our content marketing strategy, brought substantial growth to Espy House Bourbon’s Instagram account. In just four months, the brand amassed an engaged audience of over 500 followers.

Our comprehensive approach to launching Espy House Bourbon on social media yielded outstanding results. The brand quickly gained traction, attracting a devoted following of whiskey enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Engagement levels skyrocketed, with users sharing their own stories of Espy House Bourbon and its historical significance. Within a short span, Espy House had firmly established itself as a prominent voice in the world of spirits on social media.

Even in a crowded and competitive industry, strategic influencer partnerships and consistent social media content can elevant a brand and firmly establish its presence. Espy House Bourbon’s success story stands as a testament to the art of storytelling, community building, and authenticity in today’s digital landscape.

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