Creating the WonderCow Brand

At Obey Creative, we are a full-service digital branding agency that specializes in helping startups and businesses of all sizes develop and refine their brand identities. Recently we had the pleasure of working with the founding team of WonderCow to help develop their brand identity.

Background: WonderCow Had a Great Idea and Authentic Story But They Needed to Put It All Together

When the founders at WonderCow, a startup focused on helping people live healthier lives approached us we were excited to take on the challenge of developing their brand identity and positioning in the market.

As third-generation dairy farmers, they had a great idea and a truly authentic story. Their goal was to develop a 100% bovine-based colostrum supplement that would support people’s health.

The Process:

1) To begin the branding process, our team got to work and conducted both secondary and primary market research, a competitive analysis, and defined their target audience. This step was crucial in understanding the market landscape and in allowing us to identify their unique value propositions and how they would strategically position themselves within the market.

2) With all this strategic work completed, we worked closely with the WonderCow team to develop the brand’s vision, mission, manifesto, pledge, brand values, and identity.

3) Next up were the visual elements of the brand. We started by developing the brand’s logo, which was inspired by the cow’s unique features and the product’s promise of purity and natural goodness. The logo was designed to be simple yet memorable, with a bold and modern aesthetic that would stand out in a crowded market.

4) We also developed a color palette that complemented the natural and wholesome qualities of the product. The color palette includes blue to represent freshness and purity, as well as warm, earthy, golden highlights to evoke a sense of natural goodness and authenticity.

5) Typography played an important role in defining the brand’s voice and tone. We chose a clean and modern sans-serif font for the brand name, which was paired with a more traditional serif font for the tagline and other secondary text. This combination of fonts helped to balance the brand’s modern and traditional elements and create a cohesive look and feel across all brand assets.

6) Establishing the brand’s messaging and tone & voice was crucial in defining how it came across and communicated on social, on its website, and across all digital mediums. We worked with the WonderCow team to develop messaging that focused on the product’s natural and pure qualities, as well as its potential health benefits. The messaging was designed to be clear and concise, with a friendly and approachable tone that would resonate with their target audience.

7) Lastly, we worked with the team to establish a comprehensive social media strategy that focused on building brand awareness and engaging with the target audience. The strategy included a mix of organic content that brought value to their audience while clearly telling the WonderCow story.

After two months of working closely with the WonderCow team, we were thrilled with the results. The brand had a clear and defined identity, a compelling visual and messaging strategy, and a comprehensive social media plan.

We were proud to receive this testimonial from Rob, the founder of WonderCow:

“Working with Obey Creative on the development of our WonderCow brand has been nothing short of great. They provide the flexibility that every startup needs and feel like part of the team. Highly recommend every startup considers working with them.”

At Obey Creative, we’re committed to providing top-notch branding services that help startups and businesses succeed in a competitive market. With our proven process and expert team, we can help bring your brand vision to life and create a compelling and memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Book a meeting to chat today.

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