Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn: A Case Study

When companies come to us for social media management, they typically ask for help with their Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts. These platforms are very popular and can be very effective in creating awareness, sharing content, and connecting with audiences to grow a brand. However, one social media network is often underutilized for many companies and solopreneurs, and that is LinkedIn. Here, there is untapped potential for acquiring new clients or customers and building your brand awareness through networking and content. 


The Client Background

*Note* While we normally include the client’s names and companies in our case studies, we will not be stating any specific details in this particular case study to protect the personal identity and brand of this client. Ghostwriting comes with this level of confidentiality for all our clients, after all.

A client approached us seeking assistance in building her online presence on social media for her consulting firm that helps companies with their recruiting, talent search, and human resource needs. Our client’s business depended on her brand, but she had trouble keeping up with social media because she was busy consulting and building her business. Posting regularly and creating engaging content took up too much of her time.


Our Strategy

People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. As the founder of any business, especially a B2B business, we highly recommend developing a strong personal brand to increase inbound sales and assist with lead times on outbound. Our client was so busy working on and in her business, that she didn’t have the proper amount of time needed to strategically and consistently develop and post great content.

So, we opted to completely take over her social media and post 5-7 times a week. Although she had Instagram and Facebook accounts for her business, our primary emphasis was on LinkedIn. For that reason, we focused on creating customized LinkedIn posts that could be adapted for use across all other platforms.

We studied our clients voice, tone, and writing style to ensure a seamless transition from her original posts to the ghostwritten ones we crafted. Not only did we spend hours each week brainstorming and drafting enough content for 2 weeks at a time, but we conducted in-depth research to ensure that our information was accurate and the topics were relevant for her audience. Additionally, we had our in-house graphic designer create custom graphics –tailored to the client’s brand– so there was a mix of posts with pictures and some without. 

Then, we scheduled posts into a content management system shared between our team and the client, which enabled the client to be able to edit, review, and schedule content. If she had any suggestions, we could clearly communicate within that system and make the necessary changes–quickly. Not only did we keep track of the metrics, we paid close attention to how her audience responded to certain topics and adjusted our content accordingly. In fact, we noticed that she received a lot of engagement when we had light-hearted and relatable posts, so we incorporated them into the strategy. 

Once a week, we met with our client to ensure that we were aligned with her vision for her brand and making the necessary progress. During these weekly meetings, we not only ensured alignment with her brand vision, but also actively sought her input to refine our strategies and achieve even greater results.


The Results

Just in a 6 month period our client’s LinkedIn had experienced over…

  • 145k impressions
  • 2.5k increase in followers
  • 5.75% engagement rate


…And that’s just the data. 

She gained numerous new leads just from her LinkedIn presence because we positioned her as a consistent, knowledgeable expert in her field. The less time she could spend brainstorming and creating social media content, the more time she could focus on building meaningful relationships with her clients helping them with their businesses.  

Now that is harnessing the power of LinkedIn! (And, a digital marketing agency)

At Obey Creative, we’re committed to providing top-notch branding services that help startups and businesses succeed in a competitive market. With our proven process and expert team, we can help bring your brand vision to life and create a compelling and memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience. Book a meeting to chat today.

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