Tough Mudder Photo Shoot in 7 Days

We’d like to think that all content shoots are perfectly planned out well in advance but in the real world, it doesn’t happen like that, and that’s ok. As small businesses, you’ve got a million things going on and sometimes shit needs to get done fast.

We pride ourselves on being able to roll with the punches and turn things around fast for our clients when unexpected projects come up. We love being that partner that you can count on when you need something done yesterday.

This is a quick story of just that happening with our awesome and inspiring client, Tough Mudder.


Tough Mudder had partnered with Fabletics on an incredible line of athletic clothing. They needed to capture this for their website and newsletter quickly to launch it for sale before their next big race. They gave us a call last year to see if we could turn this around for them. The answer? Yes, of course.

Establishing Goals and a Quick Turnaround Process

On May 2nd we scheduled a quick call with Tough Mudder, and were able to establish a location, photoshoot date, time, a shot list and a desired look the models had to have. We put a search out for models and hired them within a few days. We shot an email to Tough Mudder with their sizes and their team was able to ship samples out within a few days.

We were ready to go no all we needed was beautiful weather.

Within 7 Days We Delivered

May 9th and the photo shoot was scheduled. Knowing there was an immediate need for these photos we pulled a few strings with Ma Nature and ordered up a beautiful spring day. The models all came ready to rock and we had a great afternoon. We were able to edit and turn around all the finished photos that night.

Results: 150+ Finished Photos for Social Channels, Web, and Newsletter

We were happy to be able to deliver over 150 finished photos to the Tough Mudder team so that they had a wide selection to choose from for their website, newsletter, and social channels.


Sometimes as much as we all try to plan ahead of time, things come up and you need to get shit done fast. Whether you’re a current client on retainer or a brand new client, that’s where we can help you. We’re a small but mighty team that is comfortable moving fast and overdelivering on results.

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